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Waterwheel Project

Who says science is hard?

Now we have science team to lead you on an energetic quest through the past to see the world anew in an exhilarating GardenModelprogram through our summer camp.

It all starts with a creation – a water-powered world with millwrights experimenting with new ways to capture the energy of our local rivers and usher in the industrial revolution.

In this special camp, we use science, technology, engineering, art and math, (STEAM) skills along with problem solving discussions, teamwork and critical thinking. For higher grade kids, we can expand the project to include various testing and calculation, even add electric generators etc. Foe young kids or short class session, they can test their waterwheels undershot and overshot, and with adjusted the height of the waterwheel model etc.

We have mobile pond and a garden hose as the water sources. If feasible, we will use hose to test ourdoor. With built models, kids can test to show undershot and overshot. Kids can play more after they took their waterwheel home.

Each kid will build his/her own waterwheel.

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